After this long election process comes to a close tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8, we all need to focus on the significant challenges this country will face in the coming years.  No matter who wins, a Republican or a Democrat, in the end we are all Americans.  Instead of focusing on issues that divide us, I would hope people realize we need to find a common ground and work toward getting along and getting things done.

There are so many challenges we need to conquer, it is difficult to know where to start.  As a small business owner, my number one issue is healthcare reform.  The current healthcare reforms have nearly tripled our healthcare costs.  The media does not seem to want to mention all of the negative impacts of the Affordable Care Act which has devastated small business.  If small business is a key to this country prospering in the future, we need to have an honest debate about healthcare and how to control unaffordable insurance cost increases.  This is only one issue of many that divides us.

In the end, we are supposed to be the United States of America…not the Divided States of America.

by Greg Petrauski, Owner of Applewood Senior Living Communities

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