Eating Well as You Age

Eating Well as You Age

Nutrition and Diet Tips for Healthy Eating as You Age

For adults over 50 years, there are many benefits to eating healthy.  Increased mental acuteness, a stronger resistance to illness and disease, higher energy levels, faster recuperation times, and better management of health problems are just a few of the benefits. Incorporating healthy habits into one’s lifestyle is a journey.  We hope that this six part series will help you and your loved ones take that first step to healthy eating.

As we age, eating well can also be the key to a positive outlook and helps those over 50 to stay emotionally balanced.  What does eating well entail?  No diets and sacrifices. Eating well simply means that one should add fresh, colorful food to their diets, be creative in the kitchen and enjoy eating with friends and family!


HEALTHY EATING AS YOU AGE:  Feeding your body, mind and soul

We are what we eat!  Remember that old adage?  Make it your daily motto, and you will find yourself eating healthier.  Choose from a variety of colorful fruits, and veggies, whole grains and lean protein.  By doing so, you will feel vibrant and healthy inside and out.

*Live Longer and Stronger –– Good nutrition keeps muscles, bones, organs and other body parts strong as we age.  Eating vitamin-rich food strengthens our immune systems and fights illness-causing toxins.  A proper diet also reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, bone loss, cancer and anemia.  And, if we eat smart, we will consume fewer calories and more nutrient-dense foods, and maintain a healthier weight, too.

*Sharpen the Mind--Smarter food choices help the brain do it’s job.  By eating a selection of brightly colored fruit, leafy veggies, and fish and nuts packed with omega-3 fatty acids can improve focus and decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.  Regular consumption of antioxidant-rich green tea may also enhance memory and mental alertness as you age.

*Feel Better–Wholesome, well balanced meals give you more energy and help you look better, resulting in enhanced self-esteem.  When your body feels good, you feel happier inside and out!  Who doesn’t want that?

Part Two…Learn HOW many calories adults over 50 really need per day, and WHAT foods your body needs as you age

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