Finally, the warm weather has arrived in Wisconsin!  Along with the warm weather, comes the roaring of Harley’s and other motorcycles as their owners endured the long winters and look forward to the day when they can take their bikes out of the garage!  As one who enjoys riding as a passenger on a Harley, this story especially touched my heart.

For one final time, a Hospice patient was back on his motorcycle.  Wayne Beliveau, a resident of a nursing home in the area, had one last wish, and sadly his dying wish, which was to be back on a motorcycle.  Allay Hospice, operating at the nursing home, asked Wayne to think of a wish.  “I’d like a motorcycle ride”,  he said.  Ideally on a Gold Wing.

Ironically, Wayne was on a motorcycle on a July night in 1990 when he hit a deer.  Wayne injured his spine seriously, while his brain starved for oxygen.  Wayne would never walk again, and life that day led to a journey of countless cognitive and physical challenges.  Wayne went from the hospital to the brain injury center to rehab to a group home to a nursing care.  Just a few weeks ago, Wayne went into Hospice after a pressure sore turned into an infection into his bones.

Wayne, now 61, doesn’t blame the motorcycle for his accident back in 1990.  With summer finally here, he spends much of his day outside waving to any cycle that passes by, and also to the eighteen-wheelers which he used to repair for a living.  The word went out to social media about Wayne’s wish.  Because Wayne can’t sit up on his own, other riders came ready with a harness to hold him up and a custom built Gold Wing with a comfy side car for Wayne.  The Gold Wing was provided by a generous man whose bike belonged to his Dad for his wife who had a stroke 10 years ago.

We have seen Hospice organizations do so much for the residents and families of Applewood.  With the help of countless other riders who supported Wayne’s wish, Hospice was able to grant Wayne his last wish.  Not only did Wayne get his last ride, but he was also surrounded by members of the Stiletto’s on Steel, a female riding club, at a drive in where he had lunch and visited with his biker escorts.  I’m guessing that Wayne had much to smile about that day!

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