Fun Outdoor Activities for Those with Dementia

Now that Spring has FINALLY arrived, everyone has long awaited to enjoy the outdoors!  Many seniors living with dementia still have the ability to participate in a variety of recreational, outdoor activities.  Being included in outdoor activities can help your elderly loved one retain a sense of independence and responsibility.  Here are some outdoor activities a senior with dementia can enjoy along with your company!


When providing dementia care for seniors, going to the zoo can be a form of therapy.  Seniors living with dementia may consider some animals as companions, and watching these creatures roam may help alleviate dementia symptoms.  You can sit back and watch as your loved one interacts with the animals and keep his or her mind stimulated by discussing animal facts.  Avoid zoo animals that could scare your loved one such as large spiders, octopus, snakes and other reptiles.


When at a picnic, your loved one will be surrounded by the great outdoors, as well as a variety of smells, sounds, and people, which can help stimulate memory.  Perhaps the flowers remind your loved one of a time spent in the garden or the sounds may bring forth a memory from his or her childhood.


Music can help the aggressive traits often found in seniors with dementia.  Outdoor concerts can be a great way to make your loved one feel more lively, as this activity can encourage him or her to dance and have fun.


Dementia can be difficult on your loved one and other family members, especially children your loved one may have no memory of.  Flying kites can be a great way to involve your loved one and a child in a fun activity they can enjoy together.

So get outside and enjoy the outdoors!

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