Applewood Launches Video Conferencing for Residents

As families struggle to stay connected and visit loved ones living in senior care facilities, Applewood Senior Living has launched a new program to help bring everyone together. We now provide a high-definition video conferencing solution for residents and families to enjoy “virtual visits,” bridging even the furthest distance gaps.

For many of the residents who have family members living outside the area, busy schedules and the ever-growing costs of travel can make it difficult and sometimes impossible for families to visit loved ones.

The launch of this innovative program, called “EasyConnect HD,” combines high-definition video conferencing systems with live support to make the experience hassle-free for residents and family members. Applewood features a 70” HD screen which is operated by a simple remote control, making it easy for residents to connect face-to-face with their loved ones. “We are always looking for new ways to help our residents stay connected with their families, so we are excited to be launching EasyConnect HD to help bring everyone together” said Greg Petrauski President of Applewood Senior Living.


In addition to connecting the residents with their families, Applewood is offering interactive “Virtual Field Trips” to bring groups of residents face-to-face with museum directors, park rangers, authors, and other people of interest from all over the world! The first virtual field trip connected residents with the FDR Presidential Museum & Library in Hyde Park, NY. The interactive experience provides lifelong learning and enrichment, and is offered to the residents at no additional cost.

Applewood Senior Living  is the first and only senior community to offer EasyConnect HD in the Brookfield area.

“EasyConnect HD” is a solution from BrightLife Innovations, a Milwaukee based company focused on revolutionizing senior living and senior care. To learn more visit

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