Dining is very important to us at Applewood Senior Living Communities.  We value both the nutritional quality and physical quality of the food we prepare. Each location has an on-site chef preparing daily home-cooked meals and the daily menus were designed by a Registered Dietitian to meet the specific needs of our residents.  We know that everyone’s palate is different and that is why we always accommodate a resident with a different nutritious meal if they don’t want what is being served that day.

Each dining room was designed in a home-like fashion to help our residents enjoy a sense of community with the other residents. The open concept kitchen areas allow our residents to experience the sights and smells of cooking similar to living in their own home. Our kitchen is also never ‘closed’. Our staff is trained to assist our residents with meals and snacks after our chefs have left for the day. We find that this combination of services makes our residents feel more at home while at Applewood.