A special emphasis in each Applewood Community has been placed on helping our residents maintain and grow their spirituality. A full array of spiritual services are available each week, including Catholic, Lutheran, and Non-Denominational services. Each type of service takes place on the same day and at the same time each week.  Residents have the ability to attend any or all of the services.

We have a dedicated volunteer team that comes in regularly to perform services and get to know our residents. Services can include a bible readings, sermons, worship music, communion, and more!  Residents are encouraged to actively participate.  The volunteers are available to pray with residents on an individual basis as well.

As always, family members and friends are welcome to come join services anytime.  You can view our schedule of services and activities by clicking on these links:




If you would like to help our residents grow spiritually, please complete the volunteer form or call one of our activity coordinators at:

262-402-6724 (New Berlin) or

262-402-6705 (Brookfield)