Update on Climb for Hospice

Some of you may have read our most recent blog about Andy Land, a hospice nurse from Fond du Lac, WI, who recently began his journey to Mt. Everest.  Land was using his journey to raise money for The HOPE of Wisconsin, a hospice and palliative care organization.  Since Land began his climb, a deadly earthquake of a magnitude of 7.8 struck in Kathmandu, Nepal on Saturday, April 25th, killing at least 1,865, and injuring at least 4,700.  The earthquake collapsed modern houses and ancient temples, triggering a deadly landslide on Mt. Everest.

Fortunately, Land and the rest of his climbing team survived the massive avalanche set off by the devastating earthquake.  The company’s base camp had been converted into a makeshift hospital.  On a website, that Land created for his trip, he wrote that “climbing the world’s tallest mountain evokes the courage, dignity, and determination that describe more than 26,000 patients and their families served by the hospices in Wisconsin.” For more updates on Land and his incredible journey, please see the Climbing for Hospice Facebook Page.  We wish Andy Land and his team a continued safe journey for such a wonderful cause.


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